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The National Ensemble of Soloists Kyiv Camerata, Ukraine's leading Chamber Ensemble comes to Greenwich for the first time to perform the best Ukrainian contemporary classical music at Greenwich Country Day School on Friday, April 26th at 8pm featuring special guest Victoria Miningham, spinto soprano.

Kyiv Camerata was founded in 1977 and is a leading chamber ensemble with a clear mission to promote Ukrainian music and boasts of being the first to perform it.

Kyiv Camerata comprises highly skillful musicians, each of whom is a virtuoso and a soloist. The program features works by outstanding Ukrainian contemporary composers.

The concert is a part of the benefit tour presented by USA for Ukraine, a not-for-profit organization founded in Greenwich, CT on May 26th, 2022 that supports humanitarian and animal causes in Ukraine.

Greenwich Country Day School

The Performing Arts Center

401 Old Church Road

Greenwich, CT 06830

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The National Ensemble of Soloists Kyiv Camerata
Victoria Miningham, Spinto-Soprano
Bohdana Pivnenko, Violin
Kateryna Suprun, Viola
Dmytro Tavanets, Piano
Dmytro Kuzmin, Flute
Oleh Marynchenko, Conductor


YEVHEN STANKOVYCH Chamber Symphony 3 for flute and strings
Solo: Dmytro Kuzmin, Flute

HANNA HAVRYLETSChoral for strings
North American Premiere

VICTORIA - VITA POLEVASoul for violin, piano and Orchestra
Solo: Bohdana Pivnenko, Violin
Dmytro Tavanets, Piano

OLEG KYVAThat Garden Chamber cantata #3 at poem by Pavlo Tychyna
Solo: Victoria Minigham, Spinto-Soprano

MYROSLAV SKORYK Melody for violin and strings
Solo: Bohdana Pivnenko, Violin


ZOLTAN ALMASHISeasons for violin and Orchestra
Solo: Bohdana Pivnenko, Violin
North American Premiere

VALENTYN SILVESTROVSilent music for strings
1. Waltz of the moment
2. Evening serenade
3. Moments of the serenade

2 Arrangements of Ukrainian song Oy, pishly b na muzyky
North American Premiere

VOLODYMYR ZUBYTSKY Chao, muchacho Fantasy at theme Besame mucho for violin, piano and orchestra
Solo: Bohdana Pivnenko, Violin
Dmytro Tavanets, Piano
North American Premiere